Bronze Services

Bronze Services

The ideal package for getting to know us!

The modular service offering within the Bronze Services covers the basic needs of our customers in a professional manner. With this service package your IT (clients, servers, network, print services, etc.) is monitored around the clock.


Your questions and service requests are serviced by our competent employees in the Service Center. The processing of your requests occurs remotely or locally, dependent on your requirements. 

Module 1

Service Center (5x9 oder 7x24)


Module 2

Monitoring Services (incl. 5 services; optionally expandable)

(e.g.: Monitoring of servers, network components, connections, etc.)


Module 3

Remote Support


Module 4

On-Site Support (on call)


Silver Services

The expanded package for a committed partnership!


Gold Services

The comprehensive package for long term collaboration!


Platinum Services

The complete package for a trust based partnership!


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