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The Football Club Kaiseraugst was founded in 2005 by Bob de Boers (President) and Remo Bumann. At that point in time, Kaiseraugst had no youth football club. The kids had to travel to the neighbouring villages of Augst, Rheinfelden, Birsfelden or Pratteln to play football.  Another challenge was the long waitlists in the football clubs of these villages. With rapid growth experienced over the last years in Kaiseraugst, offering a popular after-school activity for children was warmly welcomed by the community. Today, the club has more than 100 members.

The FC Kaiseraugst has been occupied by volunteering parents. Because of this the club was able to keep the yearly membership fees at a low level. As of 2006 the FC Kaiseraugst is a member of the Football Association North-Western Switzerland and has been participating in championships in four junior categories. Thanks to the new soccer pitch, the club has been able to build up 11-member teams as of 2009. The FC Kaiseraugst participated in the 2011/2012 championships with 11 teams, with the 1st. team in the 4th. League. The former kids club has matured into a full-fledged soccer club.

Our Philosophy

We want to coach the children in a fun and enjoyable way. Team spirit, fair play and togetherness come first. "We believe in having fun while learning as we practice and compete in football. To lose and be able to laugh about it is part of the fun."


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